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Joyful Journeys Child Care

About Us

Joyful Journeys (JJ) Child Care is a Home Child Care School Licensed by Washington State, serving children from walking toddlers to 8 years old. We provide a convenient service to meet the unique needs of each family, including: full day and half day child care, preschool and pre-Kindergarten, and Before and After School for school-age. 

Our goal is to help each child become a WHOLE CHILD
— well-balanced in every aspect of life.

1. Our uniquely designed home-based environment gives emotional comfort to many children. Moreover, our beautiful child-sized furniture, which is nature-themed, helps children not only to have fun during play but also to focus on lessons. 

2. The School’s curriculum is organized around monthly themes with complementing weekly subjects. Both directly and indirectly, JJ Children gain experiences through carefully-crafted presentations that incorporate Montessori and Reggio methods and materials. Our nature-friendly educational supplies encourage each child’s growth through a combination of visual and sensorial learning, while also fostering social skills through creative role play. 

3. Children in JJ learn social manners through group activities, and respect and joy of learning while having personal lessons during Montessori working time. 

4. Our staff is bilingual, providing an important advantage in understanding and respecting multi-culture children and his/her family. 

5. Finally and most importantly, Joyful Journeys Child Care encourages personal giftedness and personality development from a Christian point of view, through daily Worship and reading God’s Word from the Bible before school starts.


Our Leadership and the Leadership Mission
Joyful Journeys Child Care aims to be a model for quality child care, and the School participates actively with Early Achiever (Washington’s Quality Rating Improvement System). As a member of the Bellevue Community, Joyful Journeys Child Care strives to be both a trustworthy school for each parent and a joyful school for each child. At the same time, as a beneficiary of God’s Love, JJ is eager to share Christianity and the Good News by working to serve current and prospective JJ families.

The following leaders are precious members who work together in Joyful Journeys Child Care with the mission.
 Joyful Director/Licensee/ Floating: Eunae Cho 
Joyful Infant Lead Teacher/Chief: Insoon Lim 
Joyful Toddler Lead Teacher: Huimang Lee 
Joyful Preschooler Lead Teacher: Wooyeon Son 
Joyful Performance Art Teacher: Okhee Seo
Joyful Manager: Kyung Kim  




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