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Joyful Journeys Child Care

  3 JJ Dynamic Programs and JJ special Activities


Personal Talent Development


 Montessori Curriculum
:Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Geography, Science, Art, Music, History

Creative Development


Reggio Approach:
Deep search with nature material (Social Development) Gabe-Creative play with beautiful gift )

Social and manipulative development

Cooking, Comprehensive Health Education, Field Trips

Leardership and Character Development 


Worship Education, Circle Time, Hands On Bible Curriculum

Physical and Emotional Development


Friday Game and PE Classes, Kimochis Characters



They will require yet another review of the learning environment to make everything work.Learning environment includes everything from your child’s bedroom to bathroom in classroom orhome and so on everywhere.By the time we have your child to be graduated with Joyful Journeys Child Care’s program,your child will be quite accomplished in a range of fine and gross motor skills,hands-eyes coordination, language, social development and self-control.Of course, each child has different talents from God and we as adults have to respect.Major Assistant tools for this age group with Joyful Journeys Child Care: practical life, sensorial, culture(art, music, geography, zoology), language, math preparation, verbal interaction and discipline




They will learn more deeply with social interaction. Role model is extremely importantbetween family, friends, and teachers. They are ready to explore starting to say “Why” and “What”Joyful Journeys Child Care will give patience to watch how they beautifully grow up, givingmore deeper and sincere lessons and works.After all, when A three year old graduates from Joyful Journeys Child Care ,he/she can do the following: Eat, Go to the toilet, Choose from a limited selection of work,Ready for group interaction in a social setting, Adjust to a simple change in plans, Care of self needs



They will have two choice from Joyful Journeys Child Care only andfrom Transferring Programs. They will learn and research more deeply and be ready to go to Kindergarten. This following area is our goals you can expect to see in your child when the child graduates from Joyful Journeys Child Care.

1.  Enjoyment of learning God and love of words from Bible.

2.  Joy of learning in quiet moment 

3.  Independence 

4.  Self-confidence 

5.  Self-discipline and Emotion Control 

6.  Concentration 

7.  Attachment to reality and love with all creation

8.  Humor with serious fun knowledge 

We recommend Transferring Program who need more English Speakingpractical environment. We choose East Side Christian School as our transferring program currentlybecause they give God’s love to children like us.


School-age (from Kindergartner to age 8)

from Kindergartner to age 8. Joyful Journeys Child Care offers Before School andor After School service in safe place to learn.Joyful Journeys Child Care provides school bus transportation from East Gate Elementary School. They will have fun and get active. Joyful Journeys Child Care also provides Homework assistanceAvailable. And each student develops their math and language skill on a daily basis.After school, they will get healthy and yummy snack.Every Wednesday, Joyful Journeys Child Care offers field trip to promote physical activity.


Special Needs

Joyful Journeys Child Care is willing to cooperate and accommodate childrenwith special needs to the best of the Licensee’s ability. In order to ensure that the Licenseeunderstands the scope and requirements, the prospective child’s parent/guardian must presentthe documents as provided in WAC 170-296A-0050.Joyful Journeys Child Care will also have to have all relevant forms completed.







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