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Joyful Journeys Child Care

  Our Specialties

ㆍHigh Qualified JJ Environment and JJ Program and JJ Teachers 

ㆍWeekly Parents News Letter and JJ Monthly plan [Click here for sample] 

ㆍParents Bi-Weekly EDU-Resource 

ㆍCoupons of PJ Party and Saturday Break Afternoon as Parents Rewards 

ㆍField Trips for learning ‘Real World’ for preschoolers 

ㆍParents Orientation/Formal Conference/2 Party Events for JJ family in a year 

ㆍParents Quarly Meeting for Children's academic process 

ㆍElectronically Technical communication for sharing children's activities 

ㆍDaily Reports and 'JJ Knowing Dairy' (dairy communication notebook) for full day children 

ㆍIndividual Development Report (Check list) for full day children 

ㆍAbundant personal worksheets in each child's drawer


 To achieve our mission, we make the following pledge:

1. We promise to take care of JJ children with family-style love.

2. We promise to love and respect JJ children as themselves.

3. We promise to exercise patience according to Godly principles and to resolve problems by considering a child’s point of view. 

4. We promise not to control children with our views of righteousness and eagerness. 

5. We promise to use an approach based on children’s needs, not just on grown-ups’ standards. 

6. We promise to give priority to individual spiritual (emotional) development and fundamental personality development (virtue) rather than focusing solely on informational knowledge. 

7. We promise to promote the happiness of children and their families  




 Two Important Questions


1. Why should I send my child to education center from early age?

Most educators and psychologists today agree that the single most important periodin the development of a person's intelligence occurs between birth and age five.A child's mind is extremely absorbent and his curiosity is at a peak during these early years.When properly nourished and stimulated, the child's mind form patterns for learningthat serves them well throughout their life. The Montessori system of education has provento be one of the most effective and fastest growing methods to guide a childthrough the critical years. Joyful Journeys Child Care provides well balanced nutrition,spiritual exercise, social play, emotional attachment and Montessori philosophyand method mostly before preschool.

2. What is the difference between general day care, nursery school and preschool,

and Joyful Journeys Child Care?

Day care centers are generally for the purpose of caring for children on an all-day basis.Nursery schools are generally experiences in socialization and play.Preschools are oriented toward educational experiences combined with socialization and play.Joyful Journeys Child Care has its own program. Joyful Journeys Child Care system providesnot only socialization but also educational program based on Montessori Environment andMethod, Reggio philosophy, Gabe Materials and Christian spiritual goals on all-day basis fromtoddlers to school-age.


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